Please sir, can we have some more?

I was quite disgusted that the government couldn’t find the money to fund free school meals for poor families. They can find billions for furloughs and Brexit – Boris just wants to eat all the money!

Covid Chat-up Artists

Coronavirus brings new opportunities for sleazy guys who happen to own a zorb. Not really the idea of a “support bubble”!

Test and Tent!

Travel agent giving a caller some advice about their new "Test and Tent" holiday - 400 smile round trip to test centre and then 2 weeks in a tent!

Booking a holiday in 2020 means a fairly scant choice between staying at home and maybe something slightly worse!

Fatima’s Revenge!

Ever since the government’s dream-crushing advertising campaign that showed a ballerina called Fatima about to re-train (though she didn’t know it yet) to a career in cyber security, there’s been quite a row.

In this cartoon, we see Fatima (soul now crushed) and in her cyber security job getting her own back!