Please sir, can we have some more?

I was quite disgusted that the government couldn’t find the money to fund free school meals for poor families. They can find billions for furloughs and Brexit – Boris just wants to eat all the money!

Fatima’s Revenge!

Ever since the government’s dream-crushing advertising campaign that showed a ballerina called Fatima about to re-train (though she didn’t know it yet) to a career in cyber security, there’s been quite a row.

In this cartoon, we see Fatima (soul now crushed) and in her cyber security job getting her own back!

Brexit Heretic!

Rees-Mogg accuses Theresa May of Heresy!

Poor old Theresa May. It’s almost like the Brexiteers are in some sort of cult and they think she’s committed the greatest “heresy” (i.e. not the hard Brexit they really want!)